Footprint Kingfoam Elite High Pro Chris Wimer Gator Skater


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Footprint Kingfoam Elite High Pro Chris Wimer Gator Skater

This is the Next Level! Everything you love about our Kingfoam Elites but now featuring our latest heel cup design, which provides increased support, stability and impact protection.
Made with our latest comfort plus formula which doesn’t sacrifice shock absorption, this insole is extremely durable, comfortable and supportive.

At the heart of the Kingfoam Elite Pro Insoles is Footprint Insoles' advanced non-Newtonian shock absorption technology. This innovative material offers a flexible and comfortable interface for your feet that momentarily stiffens upon impact to distribute shock energy away from your foot.

The heel of the Kingfoam Elite Pro Insole is specifically designed with a deep cup that further enhances shock absorption and stability. This feature also reduces the impact on your joints, providing relief and protection from common foot and lower limb injuries.

Other benefits include:

  • Profile Thickness: We offer two thickness options to cater to your specific needs: a high profile variant that extends from a 5mm toe to a 10mm heel and a mid profile variant with a 5mm toe to a 7mm heel. This enables you to choose the level of support you need for your activities.

  • Stability Enhancing Design: Our deep heel cup not only adds stability but also assists in joint stabilization, reducing the risk of injury and discomfort. Each insole is reinforced with a TPU layer under the fabric for maximum durability.

  • Premium Shock Absorption: Laboratory tests confirm the Kingfoam Elite Pro Insoles are capable of absorbing more than 90% of shock energy in lab testing (ASTM F 1614-1999) Same formula we use for NASA, a stark contrast to conventional "performance" insoles, which only manage to absorb about 53%. This means your feet are more protected and comfortable, even during high-intensity activities.

  • Universal Compatibility, The Kingfoam Elite Pro Insoles have been carefully designed to accommodate all foot types. Whether you have flat feet, high arches or a foot structure that falls somewhere in between, our dual-density structure provides personalized support and comfort, dynamically adjusting to the shape and movement of your foot with each step. These insoles can be conveniently trimmed to perfectly fit your shoe size.


Size S - UK 3, EUR 35 - UK 6.5, EUR 40

Size M - UK 4.5, EUR 37.5 - UK 10, EUR 44.5

Size L - UK 8.5, EUR 42.5 - UK 13, EUR 48