roller skating Insoles

FP Insoles fit into Roller skates and remove the vibrations as well as shock fatigue from the body.
Don't just take our word for it, check out the collaboration we did with Moxi skates owner, Michelle Steilen aka @estrojen8755 plus watch the video's from Gaby, sydney & Kim to hear why they choose Footprint insoles.
"It's as if the wheels sprouted from my bare feet and I hit the pavement endlessly."

Footprint is proud to release the first-ever roller skating-specific insole to come on the market through collaboration with @estrojen8755 using our proprietary Elite Kingfoam material, ideal for street and park roller skating.
Kim Newmoney roller skater for FP Insoles ft Andy anderson


Arch Support Insoles

Ideal for individuals with flat feet, those struggling with plantar fasciitis or anyone who spends extended periods standing, our Arch Support Insoles are designed to maximize comfort while minimizing joint soreness. Providing enhanced balance and power with each step, these insoles are your perfect solution for reliable support and improved performance.

Flat Insoles

Revamp your footwear with our Flat Insoles, uniquely designed with proprietary shock absorption technology to extend comfort over long periods of use. These trim-to-fit insoles can easily replace your standard shoe insoles, providing enhanced comfort and durability. If your size isn't available, simply opt for a larger size. Although they are perfect for individuals with high arches, these versatile insoles are compatible with all foot types.