running Insoles

End the Pain. Save Your Joints.

It’s time to mute the pain. Every time your outsole hits the pavement while running, a massive amount of energy is returned, which is absorbed by your muscles, ligaments and joints. Our running insoles provide a protective layer that absorbs residual shock energy before it can enter your body.

Will our insoles slow you down? No! Will they mute the pain? Yes. FP Insoles makes the best running insoles, period.

The Impact of Running

Running is a high-impact sport that generates an average of 2kN (kilonewtons) of force into your joints with each step. While running provides numerous health benefits, it also puts a substantial amount of strain on your feet, ankles and joints. Over time, this strain can result in pain, fatigue and even injury.

FP Insoles are scientifically proven to absorb 90% of a 2kN impact — millions of times. In contrast, the average insole can only absorb 40 –- 53% of shock energy when brand new, and this capacity quickly degrades over time. This is no small difference — it's the distinction between a comfortable, pain-free run and one that leaves you feeling fatigued and sore.

Why Bounce Is Bad:

Debunking the High Rebound Myth

Contrary to popular belief, high rebound insoles can actually cause more harm than good. They result in a significant amount of shock energy being absorbed by your body as you run, which can lead to pain, soreness and fatigue.

FP Insoles, on the other hand, act as a protective shield, safeguarding your body from this excess energy. With FP Insoles, you can bid farewell to running fatigue and hello to comfortable, sustained performance.

Maximized Energy Transfer and Traction

Your running performance isn't solely reliant on the energy you put in but also on how your energy is harnessed and utilized. The real traction and energy transfer while running occur between the outsole and the ground. Our insoles help maximize this process, providing you with a solid, comfortable surface to run on. 

Despite the popular misconception that energy-absorbing insoles can slow you down, our customer feedback tells a different story — FP Insoles enhance, not inhibit, your running performance.

Revolutionize Your Run With FP Insoles

When it comes to running, the right insoles can make all the difference in comfort, performance and injury prevention.

Gamechangers Custom Orthotics are ideal for runners with flat and low arches, offering consistent, firm arch support. Their innovative design lets you mold the insole to your exact foot shape, delivering personalized support where you need it most.

Conversely, Kingfoam Insoles are designed with low to mid-arch runners in mind. If you don't have specific biomechanical issues or require rigid orthotic support, these flat insoles are an excellent choice. Offering the same level of shock absorption as the Gamechangers, Kingfoam Insoles provide comfort without the need for custom molding.

Running should be a joy, not a source of discomfort. With FP Insoles, you can protect your joints, increase your endurance and enhance your running performance. Experience the FP difference today and make every stride count.

Arch Support Insoles

Ideal for individuals with flat feet, those struggling with plantar fasciitis or anyone who spends extended periods standing, our Arch Support Insoles are designed to maximize comfort while minimising joint soreness. Providing enhanced balance and power with each step, these insoles are your perfect solution for reliable support and improved performance.

Flat Insoles

Revamp your footwear with our Flat Insoles, uniquely designed with proprietary shock absorption technology to extend comfort over long periods of use. These trim-to-fit insoles can easily replace your standard shoe insoles, providing enhanced comfort and durability. If your size isn't available, simply opt for a larger size. Although they are perfect for individuals with high arches, these versatile insoles are compatible with all foot types.