Molding Technology

Just like a fingerprint every foot is different, this is why mass produced insoles are flat with no real support. 

Until now there was no way to get a true firm custom insole without the seeing a Podiatrist which is expensive and has long waiting times.

Gamechangers have a very firm custom arch. The very firm arch is necessary to fully support the arch which then keeps the knees fully aligned. Gamechangers will also give you more power, stability, endurance and balance.

The world’s best performing most advanced orthotic is simple to mould. With our unique technology, simply warming the insole in the oven will cause the inner arch chamber to react and rise allowing it to take the shape of any foot, as it cools it becomes a firm custom orthotic similar to what a doctor would give you but with a heal to toe layer of Kingfoam it will also absorb up to 90% of shock impact energy.

75% of people over pronate, the muscles and tendons in the foot stop being effective and the arches begin to flatten which sets off a chain reaction of negative side effects in the body.

Over Pronation- 

It makes you feel sore, even after just walking. You don’t do well taking high drops.

  1. Your arch flattens too much upon impact causing your ankles to roll/lean inward.

  2. This throws your ankles and subsequently knees, hips and back out of alignment.

  3. Your joint mechanics perform and absorb impact unevenly which leaves you sore and more likely to develop acute injury such as torn acl, sprained ligaments and early arthritis.

 Game Changer Orthotic insoles fully custom mould to your foot shape and help prevent over pronation. The result is a dramatic loss of pain/ soreness, assisting in prevention of injury and added balance and support.